About us

Our story is a true story and it began in retail. All the characters and situations are real..

Our team is composed of outstanding professionals, and primarily from exceptional people with great experience in retail.

All of them spent a lot of time staying on the side of the obligation, but they have found a way to shift the focus to the side of profits and that fact sets them apart and makes them extraordinary.

The experience they gained working in management positions in successful and worldwide renowned retailers.
Our wish is that our best experience gained in international companies adapt to the demands of the domestic market, implement and assist in the creation of some new successful stories, and on the other side, to provide new vision concept based on upcoming information technologies and analytic tools.

We have created a completely new and modern concept of retail business:
„Single point of contact“

The concept is designed to offer modern retail solutions that are best demonstrated in practice, along with the highest quality services necessary for the daily operation of your stores.

With a “Single point of contact “ you will be exempted from all everyday obligations and you can focus your attention and energy on activities essential to your business.