People Counter

Do you know the street-to-store conversion rate for your stores?

So, how many passersby can you actually draw in?

The new “3D” generation People Counters beside customers’ traffic, give you a complete insight into the habits and behavior of your customers:

-Real Time Traffic
-Draw In Rate
-Conversion Rate
-Dwell time ( Average shopping time )
-Average spending basket
-Retention Rate
-Path tracking
-The success of your marketing campaigns
-Queue Analysis

All data is stored on servers based on “Cloud” technology. Easily connect with your existing retail software lets large number of specially designed reports (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, a comparative …) that are available on your computers or mobile phones.

How to convert a visitor into a buyer?

  • Based on the obtained Analytics, you can:
  • Increase Draw in Rate through marketing campaigns, changes of the window appearance or by increasing the visibility of your store.
  • Increase conversion rate with better positioning of products, changes in assortment and education of employees
  • Increase the Dwell time in the store by interest a potential customers
  • Working Hours optimization
  • Staff optimization
  • Business process optimization

In preparation – Devices for Gender Recognition

On the basis of facial features devices with an accuracy of 70% recognize gender of the customer.
Based on the obtained data, you will have a complete picture of who are the buyers of your products and what is your target group.
Regarding to that, adjust a way of addressing to the customer, customize the presentations of products, enhance marketing activities and we are confident, the results will follow.