Supplies requisition

Do you know real cost of your Operating Supplies?

For the smooth operation of your company and your store operating supplies is necessary:

-Office Supplies
-Supplies for Hygiene Maintenance
-Paper products
-Other …

How much time and resources you spent on the procurement of operating supplies?

The collection and control of needs (requisitions), selection of the best supplier, control of the delivered goods, invoice control and posting…

All these activities do not have a direct impact on your core business and yet spend your
time and your resources.

We offer you very good conditions for the purchase of operating supplies and full logistics service related to the process.

Shops at pre-defined schedule and based on historical data filled electronic supplies requisition.
Electronic requisitions are collected on our server, we create specifically with financial elements for each cost center and deliver to you for approval.
After the approval operating supplies will be distributed to your stores.