Working Hours Management

Regardless of the industry that the company is engaged in, one of its basic resources is the working hours of employees.
Time management aims to achieve greater efficiency and create added value.

In order to meet the requirements of customers retailers must comply working hours of theirs stores.

Regarding the number and locations of retail stores, the need for staff time more efficiently managed is growing.

It often happens that the situation gets out of control, and in some stores we have employees who need to pay overtime, while in another store, we have employees who did not meet the workload required by the contract.

Solution for planning and control of working hours

In just a few minutes a day using a web application you can plan working hours and
schedule employee shifts for a desired period.

Information about coming to and leaving from work and the usage of the pause are recorded using a device set up on locations.

Automatically created reports offer a complete overview of the recorded hours with possibilities of comparison with the agreed terms.

A special feature is overview of the remaining number of vacation days and on line application. From that on line form your personnel department can automatically create necessary documentation for employees and personal files.